Hospital Management Software

Modern hospitals can be crowded and busy and managing all parts of the operation can be a daunting task but our hospital management software does just that. Modular in structure and comprehensive in nature our hospital management software is feature rich and has a number of functionalities such as


HMS Functionalities

  1. Progress charts of various patients and patient records
  2. HR functionalities, time attendance, roster creation, and more
  3. Managing patients and admissions
  4. Accounting and personnel management
  5. CRM for easy communication and relationship building with patients
  6. Managing various sections of hospitals and their patients as well as revenues from each section

W2G Solutions Hospital management software

W2G offers a centralized dashboard in its hospital management software for easy monitoring of all processes and administrative control to know precisely what is going on at any given moment. It helps hospitals deliver better services and ensure customer satisfaction.

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