Data management system

Data generation and flow become voluminous over time and keeping track of data becomes a mountainous task unless there is a suitable data management system in place. W2G designs and implements custom data management system for enterprises of any scale to manage data in its servers and in the cloud through a unified dashboard.

Our data management system will let users view data, check data integrity, carry out backups and archive data as well as remove redundancies, check for cross-linking and compress data for storage. Users can just as well create databases and keep them updated and then check such databases for duplicates or inaccuracies and omissions. Users can modify or lock data as desired. Complete features are included that include concurrency, administration, and integrity in a secure fashion. One can also monitor performance and fine-tune databases to present a reduced load on systems that will result in faster operations. Access is highly secure through secured log-in and can be customized by the administrator.

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