Loan Management Software

Loans can be the sold bedrock on which financial institutions operate and generate revenues. However, it can be tough to manage loans when these are handed out to thousands of people. W2G loan management software for financial institutions makes it a breeze to manage loans through its automation features.

With W2G loan management software all your loan related activities are fully automated and controllable. An easy to use dashboard gives a bird’s eye view and also lets you zero in to specifics while one can also generate reports.

Some of the features of W2G loan management software:

  • Structure principal, fees and interest
  • Modify and reschedule loans
  • Monthly reminders, installments and interest calculations
  • Refinance loans
  • Define EMIS, variables and payment structures
  • Credit reports
  • Manage each loan through its lifecycle, terminate loans and close accounts
  • Loan buyback management
  • Scrutiny, approval and disbursal as well as easy linking to bank accounts for monthly ECS
  • Broker section
  • Adjust transactions, penalty, waivers
  • CRM for easy communications and to generate more customers
  • Separate sections for consumer loans and business loans segmented into online, line of credit and real estate as well as commercial and industrial loans.
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