New YouTube Feature to Promote Viral Trend Shorts

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August 19, 2023

New YouTube Feature to Promote Viral Trend Shorts

New YouTube Feature to Promote Viral Trend Shorts

A new “Add Yours” symbol for Shorts is being tested by YouTube feature, enabling creators to start trends and get feedback from viewers. There are currently only a few channels that can use this capability.

YouTube’s “Add Yours” Sticker for Shorts

Important Points:

Overview of the YouTube Feature: With the “Add Yours” sticker, producers can initiate and participate in popular themes on YouTube Shorts.
Availability: As part of an experimental deployment, a limited number of channels are currently being tested.
Announcement: In its weekly update for video makers, YouTube revealed the information.

How Operates:

Makers: After recording a Short, click “Add yours” in the sticker selector.
Enter a response prompt for viewers, and the sticker will appear above the published Short.
Viewers: To make a reaction video, click the sticker.
Channels can observe every Short made in response to their prompt to monitor engagement.

Use Case Example:

SEO Community: A creator may use the sticker to urge people to share their own advice after posting a brief SEO tip in order to foster discussion and involvement.
Restricted Rollout: A select few Shorts makers are now able to utilize the capability on their mobile devices. Before launching the tool more widely, YouTube is getting user feedback to improve it.

Future Consequences:

This feature increases trend generation and participation in the short-form video market, which is in line with YouTube’s plan to compete with sites like TikTok and Instagram Reels.
YouTube wants to increase the production of short videos by making it simpler to start and maintain trends.

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